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Salient Clinical Services

Research & Consultation

Salient Clinical Services conducts program evaluations for nonprofits and for-profit agencies to satisfy the needs of the company (i.e., for professional growth, to satisfy granting requirements, or as needed). Our program evaluations offer a mixed research design (qualitative and quantitative) based on empirically supported methodologies. We also offer cost effectiveness evaluations as a primary or adjunct service.


 Salient’s Research Team also conducts in-depth evaluations for enterprises seeking recommendations for improvement strategies. An example of the type of questions we seek to answer: 

1. Is our company adhering to multicultural competencies, according to our current knowledge and training? 

2. Is our company respecting diversity and do our policies support diverse employment? 

3. Is our agency/ company/ hospital creating an atmosphere conducive to wellness and support of our staff or employees? 

4. How do our employees currently feel about our workplace environment and our policies? 

5. How can our company support employees returning after COVID 19? 

6. (Most Important) What can be done to improve outcomes?


Our evaluations provide a comprehensive view of the research outcomes, along with specific recommendations related to policy and procedures. Moreover, we work intensely with companies to ensure the successful implementation of changes and conduct cyclical research. 

Finally, Salient Clinical Services offers consultation, training, and support. We offer multiple packages on the basis of need. To learn more about our services or to receive samples of past work by our Research Team, please contact us.

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